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The first clinical school, as an attachment of the First affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, was found in 2004. It locates on the bank of Pearl River and covers more than 10 000 square meters. It has a Haiyin Branch with a building area of more than 20 000 square meters. The school mainly undertakes undergraduate courses of clinical medicine (including Nanshan class) and traditional Chinese and Western integrative medicine, with 18 medical technology departments and 23 teaching and research sections including internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics.


The first Ph.D program on internal medicine in Guangzhou was found here in 2001. Currently, the clinical medicine is held as a multidisciplinary subject at master's and doctor’s degree level and Chinese and Western integrative Medicine is held as a multidisciplinary subject at master's degree level. There are 20 Ph.D tutors and 115 MPhil tutors. Clinical medicine and medical laboratory is a national and provincial specialized construction department.


Internal medicine is award as the national high-quality course, national bilingual teaching demonstration course and national teaching team. The subjects of diagnostics, internal medicine, and surgery are award as provincial high quality course, and subjects of internal medicine, diagnostics, surgery, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine, clinical immunology and medical laboratory are award as municipal high quality course. In addition to undergraduate course teaching, multi-level teaching task such as continuing education, Mphil, PhD and post-doc has actively involved.


The first clinical school has many outstanding subjects, including 1 national state-level key disciplines and specialties, 1 national key laboratory, 6 provincial state-level key disciplines, 1 national key discipline of bureau of traditional Chinese medicine and 3 provincial key laboratories.